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Gourmet Sausage

Chateau Royal has been defining the art of gourmet sausage making since 1988. Our extensive line of gourmet sausages provides outstanding taste and quality that surpasses any competition.

Wild Boar with Roasted Garlic & Marsala Wine
Our delicious wild boar sausage or as they say in Italy “Cinghiale”, features the Tuscan flavors of roasted garlic and wine with hints of rosemary and cloves.

Venison with Merlot Wine and Blueberries
A fabulous blend of Merlot wine, blueberries and select herbs complements the richness of Canadian red deer.

Smoked Duck with Apple Brandy
Lightly smoked flavors of duck are truly wonderful with the fruity tastes of the apple brandy.

Rabbit with White Wine & Herbs
This extraordinary sausage combines the delicate flavor of rabbit with oregano, fennel and just the right amount of white wine.

Elk with Apples, Pears and Port Wine
The deeply rich flavor of North American elk is greatly increased with orchard fruits and port wine.

Wild Boar with Cranberries and Red Wine
This outstanding wild boar sausage is blended perfectly with hints of nutmeg, cloves and marjoram. Cranberries provide a sweet tart flavor.

Duck with Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine
This incredible sausage takes the luxurious flavor of duck, then is sweetened slightly with a sauterne wine and finished with buttery foie gras.

Lamb Merguez
The rich and intense lamb flavors are combined with aromatic spices, a touch of fennel, cinnamon and cayenne peppers add a little heat.

Smoked Buffalo with Burgundy Wine
The red wine provides a perfect complement to a clean smoky beef flavor with a hint of thyme.

Chicken with Apples and Cranberries
This outstanding chicken sausage is perfectly complemented by the tastes of apples and cranberries along with hints of mace and cinnamon.

Venison with Red Wine & Demi Glace
The veal demi glace adds richness and depth to this wonderful sausage, juniper berries and green peppercorns give this sausage a distinct character.

Duck with Orange Liquor
A classic recipe with the amazing flavors of duck, triple sec orange liquor, with hints of cinnamon and five spice.

Pheasant with Cognac
In this delicious sausage, the Cognac gives depth and richness while select herbs with hints of mace complement the pheasant.

Buffalo with Chipotle Chiles
This amazing sausage with its southwestern flavors and heat from smoked jalapeños makes for an excellent introduction to buffalo.

Chicken with Basil and Sun dried tomatoes
This sausage is simply a wonderful blend of classic ingredients to bring out the mild and delicate flavor of the chicken.

Frozen. 4 x 3 oz links per pack. 12 x 12 oz packs per 9lb case.